How To Drink Tequila

Chiase / June 6, 2022

Most of us, merely have tequila photographs. Properly this can be a very “vacationer” method to tequila. Lets dive within the intricacies of Tequila ingesting and discover the totally different sorts of tequilas and the way they’re drunk.

Typically whenever you order for tequila photographs, you’ll both be served a blanca or plata. Which means the tequila is unaged and clear. That is the preferred tequila and is right for photographs. Reposado (aged minimal 2 months however lower than a 12 months) can be a well-liked selection.

The preferred solution to drink a tequila shot, is as follows: You first moisten the world between the index finger and the thumb whereas conserving your palm dealing with down and your thumb sticking outwards. The native’s moisten it by licking it. You now pour some salt on this space. Additionally, preserve a lime slice prepared by your facet. Now lick the salt of your hand and shoot the tequila. This could instantly be adopted by squeezing the lime in your mouth.

The salt is called the seasoning. It seasons your tongue and throat to “reduce” the harshness of tequila. The lime is called the chaser. It helps steadiness and improve the style of tequila.

In native Mexico, they do it barely in another way. Tequila isn’t had in photographs right here. Firstly, they pour the tequila in a caballito. That is similar to our shot glasses, solely slighter slimmer and taller (It’s the usual 2 ouncesthough). The primary distinction nevertheless is the sipping of a sangrita by the facet. It’s usually sipped alternatively with sangrita, which is a mix of tomato and orange juice, with salt and spiced with chillies.

In sure European nations corresponding to Germany, Tequila is drunk with cinnamon (changing salt) and orange slices (changing lime). This makes an fascinating mixture and in case you are the adventurous type, do attempt it subsequent time.

Among the different tremendous or premium tequilas corresponding to añejo (aged minimal 1 12 months) or additional añejo (aged minimal three years) will not be drunk as photographs. These are drunk largely in snifters, as one would drink neat cognac. This fashion the aroma and bouquet of those tequilas are actually appreciated. The Austrian glass maker, Riedel, has designed a particular 6 ¾ ouncestequila glass, which they imagine enhances the flavour of tremendous tequilas.

Though tequilas are largely served iced chilly, natively it’s drunk at room temperature. Tequila additionally mixes effectively in cocktails and the Margarita is the preferred of all of them.

If you’re to know extra about tequila corresponding to its historical past and the way it’s made, preserve a be careful my subsequent article “All About Tequila”

Lastly, as I all the time say, there is no such thing as a “proper” solution to have a drink. Tequila is not any totally different. Drink it, the best way you get pleasure from and overlook the remainder (after a few photographs you’ll anyway!).

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